Member Services

  • The Office of the SAS Counsel (the “Office”) advises the SAS and advocates on its behalf and on behalf of its members. The Office is staffed by law firm IKA Law LLC.
  • The Office issues circulars and letters to members as well as industry partners and security buyers elaborating on legal and regulatory developments in the industry.
  • The Office of Industry Transformation (the “Office“) monitors public policy issues of importance to the Security Industry and provides strategic policy advice to partners.
  • The Office evaluates and designs policy proposals to support the Security Industry Transformation Map (the “ITM“) and Industry Digital Plan (the “IDP“).
  • The Office also advises members on available grants and assists members in the application of the grants.
  • The Office issued the Weekly Pulse, the internal newsletter with the latest Covid-19 and policy updates to members each week.


  • The Office of Membership and Administration (the “Office“) handles all matters related to membership and assists members on inquiries and certifications.
  • The Office is in charge of event planning and is responsible for overseeing SAS flagship events such as the SAS Annual Gala and Security Industry Awards.
  • The Office arranges meetings with key industry partners to facilitate collaboration and mutual understanding.



Certified Security Professional

Security Consultants, Agency Owners, Licensees, Persons-in-charge of in-house securit

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List of Accredited Courses for CPD

SAS accredits courses that are relevant to the needs of industry practitioners. SAS c

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Certified Security Manager

Operations Managers, In-house Security Managers, Security Officers from SS and above

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Certified Private Investigator

The candidate must demonstrate significant knowledge and experience

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