Security Association Singapore

Security Association Singapore (“SAS”) is the lead trade association representing the security industry in Singapore.

Established in 1978, SAS is the first trade association to represent the security and private investigation industry.  It now has over 170 members comprising security agencies, training organisations, companies involved in security systems and private investigations.

SAS is the leading voice in the sector, working with government agencies, fellow associations, related organisations and relevant stakeholders to represent the interests of members, bringing benefits to members, improving professionalism and raising performance standards within the industry.



SAS serves its members, through various programs and initiatives, and offices, including:


a. Office of the SAS Counsel

Where legal advice can be obtained. It issues circulars and letters to members, as well as to industry partners and security buyers, elaborating on legal and regulatory developments in the industry. It also issues periodic advisories on various legal topics.


b.  The Office of Industry Transformation

Assists members in preparing their businesses for the future. In line with the Security Industry Transformation Map, SAS promotes the adoption of appropriate technologies to help improve operations, reduce business costs, raise wages for security officers, and improve their productivity.


c.  Certification and Accreditation Programme

This is a long running programme that recognizes proficiency and professionalism in security consultancy. It aims to raise the standard of security professionals working in the industry, through competency standards that are meticulously curated to promote and gauge professional practices.

The Certification Programme will lead the industry to achieve better security outcomes through higher management skills, improved productivity and better safety and security practices, leading to accreditation of their professional skills and competencies.


d.  Town Hall Sessions

Meetings are held to solicit members’ feedback on a periodic basis, and to provide an avenue and opportunities for them to share and learn from members of the industry. Initiatives, programs and proposed legislative changes are discussed with members to obtain feedback and issues are addressed with relevant stakeholders.

SAS has also been in the forefront of helping members adapt and change as the industry transforms.


e.  State of the Industry Convention

The State of the Industry Address outlines the overall strategy and direction that security agencies need to take to meet with challenges posed by ever-changing landscape in the security industry, in line with regulatory guidelines issued by the authorities. It provides opportunities for members to interact, share ideas with fellow members, security partners, regulatory agencies, training institutions, and various stakeholders.


f.  Security Industry Committee of Practice (SICOP)

SAS established the Committee of Practice in 2019, that promulgates standards and procedures for the security industry as a whole.

The COP assesses proposed regulatory changes and initiatives affecting the security industry and members. Any potential impacts are brought to the attention to members via SAS Town Hall Sessions, circulars, or via emails.


Global Connectivity

SAS has a robust Internationalisation Programme that helps members venture into the overseas market. Part of its mission is to provide members with a platform to learn from foreign counterparts and regulatory bodies.

Since its inception in January 2019, and with assistance from Enterprise Singapore, SAS has led Business Mission Trips to Qatar, the UAE, Israel, and China, and has also explored the Myanmar and Vietnam markets for business opportunities for members and the Security Industry.

SAS has also signed a Memorandum of Understanding with the South African Security Association. Through MOUs with foreign counterparts, SAS aims to build channels for the exchange of information to help promote technology, improve standards, training and security systems.

SAS will continue to initiate programmes and pursue policies that will benefit its members and the security industry, as the business landscape rapidly changes in the future.