SAS accredits courses that are relevant to the needs of industry practitioners. SAS certificate holders may attend the events and courses listed below to earn CPD points, facilitating the renewal of their certificates.



Events/Courses Administered by Security Industry Institute (SII)

  • The Security Industry Conference
  • The Security Industry Masterclass
  • Making The Right Technology Choice: Key Pointers in Integrating and Selecting Your Next Security Solution ( tentative name for tech selection workshop for Security Industry Masterclass)
  • Outcome Based Contract (and OBC part 2)
  • Getting Digital Economy Ready (and stage 2 and 3 workshops under the Security IDP)
  • Introduction to Red Teaming
  • How to Conduct Red Teaming Exercise
  • Countering Terrorism: Threats, Responses, Intelligence, and Decision-Making


More information can be found here. Enquiries may also be sent via email to [email protected] and telephone to 6225 5744 (6-CALL-SII)

Security Consultants, Agency Owners, Licensees, Persons-in-charge of in-house security.

Operations Managers, In-house Security Managers, Security Officers from SS and above who want to move to a operations role

The candidate must demonstrate significant knowledge and experience

The candidate must demonstrate significant knowledge and experience in