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Security Officers are the frontline staff of the Security industry. They are the protectors and the first line of defence for any possible threats towards the public.

SAS stands behind our security officers and this decal would inform members of the public that our officers perform important functions under the private security industry act and that any abuse of our officers may punishable by law.

Members are encouraged to put up a copy of the Decal at all of their sites.

Members may download a copy of the decal in the link below. Download The Decal

SAS recognises the need for strategic partnerships with other organisations.

One of our Strategic Partners, Leacov will provide support to SAS members in terms of training, learning and instructional services.

Leacov will assist in equipping SAS members with the necessary technology, skills and know-how to fulfil the Security Annual Grading Exercise year-on-year.

Members may contact Leacov at:

Corporate Office

5 Harper Road #04-01, Singapore 369673

Training Centre

LHK 2 Building (Lobby 1), 76 Playfair Road, #05-02

Singapore 367996

Training Centre: +65 6280 8926

Whatsapp: +65 9820 3430

For Companies: +65 8786 3085

Website :

Email : [email protected]

The Office of the SAS Counsel (the “Office”) advises the Security Association Singapore and advocates on its behalf and on behalf of its members. The Office is staffed by law firm Ong & Shan LLC.

The Office issues circulars and letters to members as well as industry partners and security buyers elaborating on legal and regulatory developments in the industry. Please find below previous circulars from the Office.

27 December 2017 – Circular 17-01 to Members

27 December 2017 – Letter to Security Buyers

The Office can be contacted at 6836 0933 or [email protected]